A stylus, movement, measurement and site is the location where the intangible becomes tangible, where light and sound can articulate space. By meditating on the ephemeral and the immaterial as material to make poetic gestures; I draw connections between linguistic elements, natural environments and mobile recording technologies to reference the space between drawing and music through the lens of improvisation and systems of chance.

For me, drawing is a record to play, sample and mix. Drawing is a mental activity that requires coding and decoding of the natural world and recording it with analog or digital recording devices—these records become a dynamic, material archive that is taken out of context then re-played, re-shaped and re-presented anew. 

My methodology mixes research, conceptual thinking, allographic drawing strategies and experimental music performance resulting in signs that are open, embracing the audience as an integral component of the work. Hybridity, nomadism, code switching, hip hop philosophy and Indigenous Mexican culture are rooted in the practice. 

The work oscillates between states of representation and fragmentation, acoustic and electronic, object and process and takes the form of collage, DJ sets, music, performance, photography, programming, research, site-specific installations, video and drawings for internet and paper.